About Blue Fin Digital

Blue Fin Digital is the leading provider of powerful and effective online solutions for small businesses in Rock Hill, SC – and beyond. With over 25 years of experience, our team can help you create a website that stands out visually and ranks high in search engine results so customers will find your business quickly.

We’ll also design targeted campaigns to drive traffic directly to your site and gain relevant leads from potential new clients!

So reach out today and discover how Blue Fin Digital’s expertise can make all the difference in fueling real growth within your organization.

About The Owner

Bill Pettus is an expert in digital marketing, having dedicated 25+ years to helping businesses and entrepreneurs use the power of technology. He’s the proud owner of Blue Fin Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency in Rock Hill, SC, that assists its clients with website design projects, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising to achieve remarkable growth and success.

With his vast industry experience spanning multiple industries, he has passionately helped countless companies reach their goals – making him one of the most sought-after specialists for any business looking for catapulting performance!

Bill is also a creative innovator who works tirelessly to realize his ambitious ideas. He has driven over 30 million dollars in revenue throughout the US in multiple eCommerce endeavors. With his keen sense of analytics and technical know-how, he’s an invaluable asset to any team. His ability to ask the right questions leads him directly toward success!

Bill also believes in possibilities, striving to improve himself and take life head-on. He cherishes quality time spent with his family and their four furry friends. He also loves discovering new technologies or exploring the great outdoors.

With an adventurous spirit that never wavers, he knows what it takes to make something happen if you get excited about where your journey might lead!

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