Ecommerce, the buying, and selling of products or services via a website requires extensive
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to receive a fair amount of web traffic and to rise above the

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ecommerce seo

Ecommerce SEO is the act of formatting an online store so that it ranks higher and receives more organic (free) traffic from search engines such as Google and Yahoo. For example, when you look for something on Google such as PVC pipe, the search engine results page (SERP) pops up on your screen. Here you will find a few sponsors/ads and underneath those, the organic, non-paid results. Current statistics show that approximately 94% of people bypass the ads and click on the organic results. Therefore, it’s in a company’s best interest and can be less expensive to spend the money on an SEO strategy versus paying for ad space. Effective SEO will help move your site into those favorable, free search result spots.

SEO for Ecommerce: What can be done to rank higher?


First things first is keyword research. Saturating your online store in specific keywords and phrases that your potential customers are using to search for products and services you offer is a very important technique.


Ensuring your site and its pages are structurally sound and user-friendly to both humans and robots (search engines) is a significant SEO technique. Simple navigation eliminates the need to re-do your website every time you add new products or services. Effective SEO will allow your site to easily expand as your business grows.


This simply means enhancing the more technical aspects of the site such as categories, product pages and descriptions, tags, meta descriptions, image and file names, and URLs. This ensures optimal visibility by Google and other search engines.

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