ecommerce conversion tips

Ecommerce Conversion Tips

10 Ways To Improve Your Online Store’s Conversion

1) Optimize For Mobile
A very large percentage of the population is search the Internet on a mobile device. Be sure that your site is user friendly across multiple devices to ensure they can again fond what they are looking for.

2) An Easy-To-Find Search Bar
This is a very power tool on any website. Most people are going to scan a page first and then “search” if they don’t immediately find what they are looking for. You want your search bar to take them directly to the things they want to see.

3) Price
People want to know the price. It’s that simple but you want to make sure it easily stands out on the page and is the same color as your “Buy Now” button. Be sure to also show price breaks and savings options.

4) Action Buttons
Once the customer confirms that you have what they want, make sure they don’t have to “find” the buy now button. It should be prominent and state the expectation action of clicking on it (ie. Checkout Now – Take you to the shopping cart, Add To Cart – simply adds the product to the cart and allows them to continue shopping, etc.)

5) Contact Information
Always make it easy for your customer to contact you. Give them plenty of options around your site to do so. Not only does this build confidence that they can safely buy from you it also makes for a great user experience in case they have any issues

6) Reassurance Information
Confidence is very important when someone is considering buying from you online. Be sure to advertise ways that they can feel safe (ie. “30 Day Money Back Guarantee”, “No Hassle Return Policy”, etc.

7) Plenty Of White Space
By having plenty of white space within your website, it allows your visitors to easily find what they are looking for and therefore creates a better user experience.

8) Captivating Images
Customers like to have visual confirmation on the products they want to order. Having great images of the products will given them that sense of confidence but may also answer some questions about it as well like “Which side the power outlet on?”

9) Use Testimonials
Testimonials are a great way to build confidence with your customers. These are third-party recommendations saying that your company is great to deal with. Place these throughout your site and products and watch the conversion increase.

10) Company Information In Footer
Customers want to know who they are doing business with and feel confident that you are a legitimate company and that they can trust you. Often, the footer is a great place to add some of this information to meet your customers needs.