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Charlotte, NC, Chiropractors’ Ultimate Guide to Drawing in More Patients With Google My Business

Serving patients is only part of the job for chiropractors–the other part is getting the patients to come in the first place. You might struggle to attract local customers to your business, and the key to solving this issue is often enhancing your online presence. While your website might be set up properly with all the best design trends, many businesses often overlook one crucial step: setting up an account and drawing in customers with Google My Business.

Google My Business is an indispensable asset for local businesses. It attracts new attention and generates new customers, enabling them to thrive in the local market. By leveraging your Google My Business profile, you can attract and retain patients for your Charlotte, NC, chiropractic practice like never before.

But what is Google My Business, why is optimizing your Google My Business profile important, and how can you leverage this platform for maximum returns? This article will tell you everything you need to know about Google My Business so you can start utilizing insights to boost your practice’s visibility. Let’s dive in!

What is Google My Business?

Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business, is a tool Google provides to allow brands to connect with their customers, list products and services, advertise business updates, and directly manage their operations in a highly popular online business directory.

Google My Business provides companies with a business profile, which appears in Google Maps when a potential customer searches for local services relevant to your offerings. By setting up a Google Business Profile, you can expand your online presence, boost your legitimacy, and attract new customers.

How to Leverage Google My Business to Attract More Patients

Chiropractors can use Google My Business to promote their services to Charlotte, NC, customers. But how can you leverage your Google My Business profile to attract and retain patients? Consider the following strategies to optimize your profile.

1.  Keep Your Business Description Concise and Compelling

Your business description is many potential customers’ first impression of your business, so you must ensure it stands out without becoming too lengthy. Your business description should be intriguing and engaging, but keep it clear and eliminate unnecessarily complicated language. Maintain a readable, short description explaining what you’re all about.

Take your description up a notch by showcasing what you do best and what makes you different from other chiropractors and similar practices in your area. Whether unique offerings, affordable sessions, or a compelling and relatable story, you can add intrigue to your description and increase your customer base through this strategy.

2. Respond to User Reviews

Beyond encouraging customers to leave reviews on Google (which you should always do to add legitimacy to your services), respond to user reviews whenever you get new ones. With 95% of consumers seeking online reviews of a business or product before they shop, you want to encourage reviews as much as possible and show users that you care about their feedback when they take the time to respond.

Not sure how to respond to user reviews in a friendly, professional, and effective manner? That depends on the rating. For instance, a five-star review without any complaints can be responded to with an enthusiastic thank you and appreciation for the customer.

Negative reviews are equally important to respond to. Respond to these reviews with compassion and an inquiry about how you can improve their experience if they return to your business. This step improves the customer’s impression of your business and shows future customers that you take accountability for negative experiences and are willing to improve based on feedback.

3. Use Google My Business Messages

Don’t underestimate the importance of your Google My Business messaging feature–it’s one of the best ways customers can contact you with queries, and your response efficiency can help shape customers’ impressions of your practice. To ensure messages are enabled on your Google My Business profile, go to the Google Business Profile app. Select customers → Messages → Turn On to allow customers to message you.

Allowing for this form of mobile communication increases customer engagement and satisfaction, which can make or break whether a customer decides to go with your business or a competitor. Simply put, you can’t underestimate the value of turning on messages to show customers you care about their support.

4. Ensure That Your Profile is Complete

A complete profile with all relevant business information can make a huge difference in whether a customer purchases your product or service. A complete Google Business Profile positions your business as trustworthy and reliable, leaving customers satisfied and with an accurate perspective of your business.

Google has stated that businesses with a complete and accurate Google My Business profile are likely to match with relevant searches, meaning that local customers are more likely to find your business if you complete your profile. Information crucial to a complete Google Business Profile includes but is not limited to: 1) Your business’s physical address, 2) Your phone number 3) The category your business falls into, 4) Business attributes

5. Use Keywords in Your Profile Descriptions

You might know how essential keywords are to an effective SEO strategy, but are you including your top keywords in your Google My Business profile description? Enhancing and leveraging your Google My Business profile is possible when strategically including keywords to boost your visibility. Consider adding keywords to your business description to make it more likely that users will find your business through their searches.

But remember to be careful and incorporate keywords naturally. Avoid using keywords in your content if they have to be shoehorned in unnaturally–this can negatively impact your Google rankings, make it more difficult for customers to find your business, and harm your overall sales.

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