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Using Google My Business Profile to Increase Your Roofing Business’s Visibility

Suppose you own or operate a roofing business in Charlotte, NC. In that case, chances are you have a few important concerns — ensuring that you can provide customers with top-notch service and speedy roofing. However, you likely have other important considerations to take — such as how you market your business, your plans for organically growing your brand, and how to best connect with local residents and businesses who need your services the most.

But — amid a sea of competition, a fast-paced world in which market trends happen quickly, and in North Carolina’s biggest city, can you make sure that your business stands out and that potential clients can find you easily? That’s where a robust online presence comes in. When a vast number of potential customers and clients begin their search for goods and services online, it becomes vital to ensure that your business is to be found where they’re looking.

For many businesses, one important step is ensuring that their Google Business Profile is up-to-date, carefully managed, and offers accurate contact information. But precisely what is a Google My Business Profile? How does it work, and why can it be so important?

If you’re curious, read on. We’ll cover the importance of a Google My Business Profile for roofing businesses, how they can be configured, and some best practices for leveraging this online digital marketing tool. Let’s jump in.

What is a Google My Business Profile?

Google Business Profiles, formerly known as Google My Business, are profiles that Google, one of the world’s most popular search engines, displays when customers search for your business. Recently, Google changed the name from “Google My Business” to “Google Business Profile,” but essentially, this is still the same tool.

These are applied in traditional Google searches and in Google’s other services, such as Maps. Your profile can contain vital information that customers and clients can use to learn about your business, check reviews, see pictures, and contact you to learn more about your services.

By default, Google will populate your business profile with information it can find online about your business — though, while Google does its best, this may not be accurate, up to date, or reflect the information you want to share with visitors. As such, it can be essential to claim your Google Business Profile, make changes, and manage and update it periodically.

The Importance of Google Business Profiles for Roofing Companies in Charlotte

In the largest city in North Carolina, standing out can be vital for businesses. For roofing businesses that work with a wide range of commercial and residential customers, ensuring that their ability to find yours can be crucial when potential clients are searching for services. That’s where a Google Business Profile comes in.

This ensures that perspectives can easily find contact information, hours, and even past work reviews or photos. Roofing can represent a serious upfront cost — so it’s natural for potential customers to demonstrate a certain level of discernment when searching for the right company to help them with their roofing needs.

Social Proof

One important reason to keep an updated and accurate Google Business listing is the simple matter of social proof. For many discerning customers and clients, the proof is in neither the marketing nor the pudding but other peoples’ experiences. That’s where social proof comes in — in the form of testimonials, reviews, ratings, and even portfolios. Being able to show potential customers what you can do and what you’ve done in the past, with satisfied customers to show for it, can be an incredibly powerful way to encourage growth and new customers.

With a consistently updated Google Business Profile listing, you can prominently showcase your victories, offer an easy route for interested individuals to learn more, and send a clear message to the world that not only are you not afraid of sharing your past reviews and ratings, but that you’re proud of them.

Connecting with Clients

Notably, one of the primary functionalities of an up-to-date, claimed, and managed Google Business Profile is that it provides a powerful means for connecting with clients, customers, and perspectives. Providing detailed and accurate contact information can empower visitors to easily contact your business while claiming a Google Business Profile, enabling you to respond to reviews directly and professionally.

Demonstrating Profesionality

An up-to-date and claimed Google Business Listing isn’t just about enabling prospects to connect more easily, demonstrating your victories, and responding professionally to criticism and praise; it’s also a simple demonstration of your commitment to your business and customers.

While out-of-date and unlisted contact information can frustrate potential clients, having easily accessible contact information and other vital information about your business prominently listed, conversely, demonstrates that your business is committed to providing quick answers, enabling customers to get a hold of you easily, and that you’re not afraid fo reviews and ratings.

How to Implement a Google Business Profile

We’ve explored the importance of a Google Business Profile—but how does one ensure that it is current? There are a few steps. Let’s explore them.

Claiming Your Profile

The first step is to claim your profile. If your business is listed online, chances are that Google has already generated a profile for it. Now, you’ll need to claim the profile so that you can manage it, ensure that it features accurate, up-to-date information, and respond to reviews.

If Google has Generated One

If Google has generated a profile for your business, you can find it by searching the name of your business. If it appears, the next step is to claim it. From here, you will have the option to claim the profile. Google may request verification to ensure that you really are the owner or manager of the business.

If Google has Not Generated One

If Google has not generated one, you’ll need to instead navigate to (at the time of writing) “” From here, you’ll find a button that reads “Manage Now.” From here, you’ll be prompted to log in or create a Google account. If your business has an official Google account, be sure to use that one. Next, you can add your business, which will necessitate the same verification steps as if Google had already generated one.

Updating – Making Changes

Once you’ve claimed your Google Business Profile, you’ll be able to make important changes — such as adding images or videos of your business, ensuring that your hours, location, and contact information are accurate and up to date, and even managing reviews. While Google won’t allow you to simply remove reviews just because they are negative, you will be able to flag those that violate Google’s terms of service and respond to both negative and positive reviews. Remember, when responding to negative reviews, it’s vital to remain professional and courteous, even if you believe the reviewer to be in the wrong. Google provides helpful guidelines for responding to negative reviews.

Ongoing Efforts

Remember, like all digital marketing, this is often best implemented as an ongoing process. Be sure to check your listing regularly and respond to reviews promptly, and if your address, contact information, or hours change, update them immediately.

Best Practices

To make the most out of your Google Business Profile, it can be helpful to adhere to some basic best practices. Let’s review:

Ensure Accuracy

Not only should you ensure that your contact information and hours are accurate and up to date, but you should also ensure that your location is accurate, findable on Google Maps, and conducive to customers being able to actually get there.

Consistent Efforts

Regularly checking your Google Business profile can be essential — allowing you to see what customers are saying, respond to reviews quickly, and update your profile with new information or media.

Showcasing Success

Encourage positive reviews and remind satisfied customers that they mean a lot to your business when applicable. When it comes to posting pictures or videos of your work, be sure to use high-quality photos that look professional, scale up easily on high-resolution devices, and showcase your expertise.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to leveraging the power of online visibility, several important steps must be taken. One is establishing or claiming your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business).

There are some steps you’ll likely need to take if you haven’t already claimed yours — such as claiming it, updating its information, and ensuring that your shared media, such as videos and images, reflects the quality of your work and brand. It’s also often important to regularly keep up with your Google Business profile, responding to reviews as applicable, updating it as any contact information, hours, or locations change, and adding new images of your business and work as they come up.

Remember, if you’re looking for ways to transform your brand’s online presence, we’re here to help at Blue Fin Digital. With over 25 years of experience, a commitment to excellence, and unparalleled customer service, get in touch today to see the difference for yourself.