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Skyrocket Your Plumbing Services in Charlotte with Proven PPC Techniques

Would you like more jobs for your plumbing business? Who wouldn’t? PPC advertising can help. PPC stands for pay-per-click, a kind of online marketing in which you only pay when your ad is clicked. This highly targeted form of marketing is designed to get your brand in front of the people who are actively searching for your services.

One of the greatest benefits of PPC advertising is its speed. If your business is going through a dry spell, you don’t want to have to wait around on “organic” marketing strategies that require you to gradually develop a good reputation with search engines. You need immediate sales. That’s what you can get with PPC advertising.

It’s also highly cost-effective, provides great flexibility, and is an easily measurable form of marketing. Plus, investing in targeted marketing like PPC is the perfect companion to SEO marketing efforts. Both can boost each other’s performance.

If you’d like to learn more about the most effective PPC strategies for boosting your plumbing business in Charlotte, NC, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

What is PPC Advertising?

Ultimately, PPC advertising is simply investing in ads that are placed strategically throughout the internet. These could be display ads on other websites, social media ads, or search ads. Search ads are one of the most common PPC methods. Search ads involve paying a search engine like Google to place your website at the top of the results for certain keywords. This is what makes those initial websites appear under the Sponsored section.

In time, SEO can take you to the top of search rankings for a variety of keywords. However, PPC advertising can put you there in a day. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone in Charlotte, NC, to find your business and choose to work with you. According to Forbes, there are an estimated 970 plumbers viewing for every single plumbing project. In order to get a competitive edge, you need to use every opportunity at your fingertips, including PPC advertising. Now, let’s look at how to build your own PPC campaign.

PPC Campaigns For Your Plumbing Business

The first choice you’ll have to make when setting up your PPC campaign is what platform to choose. For a typical plumbing business, this will likely be Google Ads. Google still remains king when it comes to search engines and user count. However, once you have built a successful PPC campaign on Google, you may then move to Bing and other popular search engines.

The next step is keyword research. Several marketing tools, including several free options, can help you with keyword research. These tools help you understand how popular certain words and phrases are with your target audience. Using this data, you can then build your campaign around the keywords you want to target. Consider using the Google Ads Keyword Planner to do this research.

With PPC, the more targeted you are in your keyword analysis, the better. You could use simple keywords like “plumber,” “plumbing services,” or “plumbing company near me.” However, you would do better to pursue more specific keywords as these will be more affordable and more effective. It can be both challenging and expensive to target a keyword like “plumber.” However, a long-tail keyword like “burst pipe Charlotte, NC” is a much more promising target. Even if this doesn’t get as much traffic as other keywords, the traffic it does get will be much more likely to become a customer of your business.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred keywords, you can build your content around them. This could include landing pages focused on those keywords and display ads designed to target that specific keyword. You can then set up your ads with your chosen platform, and you’re ready to go!

Setting Up Your Budget

One of the key things you’ll need to decide when setting up your PPC campaign is how much you’re going to spend. Now, you won’t need to pay anything until you get a click. However, you will need to set a maximum bid amount. This is because whenever a user types a search into Google, only a certain number of ads get shown. Which ads appear is based on an auctioning system Google uses. This auctioning system doesn’t just let the space go to the highest bidder. Rather, it considers your bid and the quality of your ad and ranks it against other ads. In order to set a realistic and competitive maximum bid amount, you also need to have a clear budget.

One of the best ways to research your budget will be to use the Google Ads Keyword Planner. This tool is excellent for this because it shows the typical highest bid and lowest bid for each keyword so you can get a better idea of how much you’ll need to spend to wind up on top.

It’s unlikely that you’ll hit upon the perfect combination of affordability and top bid right off the bat. It’s perfectly okay to test out different amounts until you find what works best for your plumbing business.

Creating Compelling Ad Copy

The ultimate goal of an ad is to get people to click on it. Once they click, you need to make sure you have a landing page that they can land on. This landing page needs to be full of compelling copy that encourages prospects to reach out to you for your services. Fortunately, there are several best practices you can use to guide your copywriting process. These include:

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  3. Focus on Benefits, Not Just Features
  4. Use Compelling Headlines
  5. Create Clear Calls-To-Action (CTAs)
  6. Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)
  7. Highlight Social Proof and Trust Signals (Positive reviews and testimonials)
  8. Create Relevant and Engaging Visuals
  9. Optimize for Keywords
  10. Test and Iterate

Knowing your audience is critical. Who needs your services and why? Instead of just features, focus on the benefits your plumbing services can provide. Make sure your content focuses on the solutions that help your customers save time and enhance their lives. Remember, the ultimate goal here is the sale. So, make sure you’ve got a clear call-to-action, such as a “Contact Us” button, to help get people onto the phone with you.

Top PPC Advertising Strategies

Now that we’ve covered PPC advertising and its general function, let’s look at some specific PPC strategies you can use to improve your online marketing and increase your plumbing business’s work.


Many PPC platforms, such as Google Ads, include geo-targeting features. Use them. These features allow you to focus your ads on specific geographic areas where your potential customers are located. For example, you could Target Charlotte, NC, or even neighborhoods near your business.

Ad Scheduling

It can be both expensive and ineffective to run your ads 24/7. On the contrary, it makes more sense to analyze your campaign data to identify when people are most likely to be looking for plumbing services. What times of day do they search for you? What days of the week are they most active? Then, ensure that your campaign is only running in those peak times to maximize visibility and engagement.

Local Landing Pages

Ensure that you use local language in your landing pages so that potential customers immediately feel reassured that you are in their area and can help them. Reference Charlotte, NC, and our neighborhoods like Myers Park, Elizabeth, Providence Crossing, and Uptown. This can help make your copy feel more personal and can increase the number of people who click through to contact you. Customize the content, messaging, and calls to action on these pages to address the unique needs and preferences of your customers. This improves relevance and conversion rates. Consider setting up special landing pages for the different services you offer.

Negative Keywords

Not everyone knows about or uses the Negative Keywords feature in Google Ads. Basically, this is a useful feature that enables you to tell Google to ignore irrelevant search queries and prevent your ads from being triggered by non-local or non-converting searches. For instance, you could exclude terms like “DIY plumbing” or “open plumbing jobs” to ensure your budget is only focused on reaching users who are likely to become paying customers in your area.

Be Wary of Ad Fatigue

If you run lots of ads across different platforms, you need to make sure you are regularly updating their content. This is to avoid ad fatigue. Ad fatigue occurs when your PPC advertisements lose their effectiveness, and their click rates drop over time. Basically, users see your ad too frequently and begin to ignore it, relegating it to the background landscape. In order to avoid this, keep your content fresh and up-to-date. Consider driving around Charlotte and taking photographs of landmarks and iconic areas in different neighborhoods. Images attract attention, and a place that’s familiar to your target audience can be highly effective.

Maximize Your ROI Through Digital Advertising

PPC advertising can be a highly effective and efficient way to drive traffic to your plumbing business in Charlotte, NC. By targeting specific keywords, you can attract potential customers who are actively searching for the services you offer. With the ability to adjust your budget and bid amounts and track your results, PPC advertising provides a flexible and measurable marketing option. By combining PPC with SEO efforts, you can enhance your overall online presence and improve your chances of success. With the right strategy and execution, PPC advertising can help your plumbing business stand out in a crowded market and drive more sales.

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