Winning the PPC Game Strategies for Charlotte NC Premier Plastic Surgeons

Winning the PPC Game: Strategies for Charlotte’s Premier Plastic Surgeons

In Charlotte, North Caroline, plastic surgeons play an important role. Highly specialized professionals who are experienced, well-trained, and adept at what they do, plastic surgeons help their patients in numerous ways; plastic surgeons can help people overcome challenges associated with injuries, birth defects, and much more. Patients often rely on their plastic surgeon to help them improve their quality of life, and in many cases, even their self-esteem. Charlotte is a large city and as one of the fastest-growing in the country, represents a wonderful place to run a plastic surgery practice. With a vibrant bustling metropolitan community, and a thriving medical industry, Charlotte isn’t just a city—it’s a home for many.

For plastic surgeons in Charlotte, though their services are often in high demand, it’s still important to engage in smart digital marketing. More than ever, individuals rely on the web to find local businesses and services. Even when it comes to attracting local customers and clients, it’s still often crucial that plastic surgeons in Charlotte find ways to leverage digital marketing.

A highly effective method of online marketing, Pay Per Click, or PPC, advertising represents a powerful opportunity for plastic surgeons in Charlotte. So, what is PPC? Why is it important, and what are some of the potential benefits? Let’s dive in.


What is PPC Advertising?

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising is paid advertising with an important caveat; it’s paid for by clicks. In other words, when you use PPC advertising, you don’t pay for it unless users click on it. PPC advertising can take many forms; it may be on social media platforms, search engines, within apps, and more.

Advantages of PPC

This model is potentially advantageous for a few reasons; for one, this model aligns the interests of the advertising service and the advertiser—if you only pay for clicks, then the service is economically motivated to take steps to ensure that you’re getting clicks. Additionally, PPC advertising can be an extremely fast method of attracting new visitors and potential customers. Finally, PPC advertising often affords a high degree of data that can be used to derive actionable insights about your target audience.

  •   – Pay only for clicks: While in some forms of advertising, advertisers might pay for the ad space or by the amount of time that an ad is posted, with PPC advertising, advertisers only must pay for clicks. While a click is not necessarily equivalent to or indicative of a successful conversion or sale, clickthrough is an important success metric in its own right and may represent a more powerful opportunity than simple views.
  •   – PPC can work fast: Many advertisers who use PPC find that PPC can be a very fast way to drive traffic. Compared to organic traffic, PPC traffic can pick up quite quickly. Many advertisers who are interested in quickly driving traffic may find this particularly advantageous.
  •   – PPC is often easy to analyze: PPC advertising can provide us with a lot of data. Data from PPC campaigns can include click-through rates, view rates, and more. This kind of data can be analyzed to provide important insights about the performance of a campaign, or even what types of advertising appeals the most to your audience.

PPC Strategy

So, we’ve discussed the why, but what about the how? While PPC can be highly effective, the extent to which a PPC campaign is effective at driving not only traffic but ultimately new patients or clients can vary greatly—and adhering to best practices can be important. So, what are some PPC best practices? Let’s explore.

  •   – Continuous Improvement and Optimization: As is the case with most advertising campaigns, continuous optimization, and improvement are essential to honing your approach. There are numerous ways to continuously optimize your campaign. Importantly, tracking established success metrics can be crucial.
  •   – A/B Testing: While A/B testing is often part of a larger strategy to continuously optimize, it’s worth exploring in depth. A/B testing is a method of analyzing campaigns that involves simultaneously running multiple campaigns and determining which is more effective. In order to practice continual A/B testing, you can eliminate “losing” campaigns, and face the “winning campaign off against a new one each time.
  •   – Consider Various Solutions: PPC advertising is available through numerous channels—such as social media, search engines, apps, and more. It can be helpful to try out different solutions and hone in on channels that are effective for your business.
  •   – Metrics, metrics, metrics: It’s important to carefully establish success metrics. Many organizations take a goals-signals-metrics approach. In essence, this consists of identifying goals (for example, finding new plastic surgery patients) and considering what might signal success in these goals, and using that information, determine which metrics are important to you.

For example, in PPC advertising for plastic surgeons in Charlotte, the goal may be connecting with potential patients in the Charlotte area. The signal may be increased scheduling, and the metrics to which you may associate that signal may be click-through rates or conversion rates.

The Bottom Line

PPC can be a highly effective way to engage in new methods of digital outreach. While organic search engine ranking can be another highly important part of an online digital marketing strategy for plastic surgeons in Charlotte, North Carolina, PPC advertising can represent an opportunity to direct more traffic to your website. However, there’s a lot to consider, and the extent to which PPC advertising is effective may depend on a number of factors. That’s why it can be important to follow certain PPC best practices. It’s important to carefully consider success metrics, continuously hone your approach, leverage available data that can inform your understanding of your audience, and perform ongoing testing and experimentation with your strategy.

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