SEO Specialist


A Search Engine Optimization specialist is a professional who organizes a website to make it easy for search engines and people to find it.

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There are many SEO analogies out there but our favorite is this. Imagine your website as a store in the middle of a desert. It may look great, offer amazing products and services but it’s still very difficult to find and essentially invisible. Now, think of an SEO Specialist as someone who goes out into the world, where your potential customers are, and they install road signs, provide specific directions to your store and tell billions of people about you. This guidance to your door (website) will help increase your profitability. This is a simple way to understand the role of an SEO Specialist but this person is, in fact, an integral part of marketing efforts ensuring your website is optimized for maximum exposure.

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What is an SEO Specialist?

An SEO Specialist analyzes your website and then uses SEO tactics that will enhance your site with the most searched for industry keywords, quality content and page titles. They will also check for structural issues, proper links, and page speed. This specific skill set unlocks the door for you to enter the world of higher rankings in an online search.

These improvements will help your website’s ranking on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Their ultimate role is to organize and adjust your website so when someone searches online for products or services you provide, your website will pop up as one of the first listed.

How Can You Benefit from SEO?

SEO Specialists stay up to date on search engine marketing trends, best practices and guidelines to enhance their clients’ visibility online thus reaching more customers. Their ability to tweak the content and layout of your website so that it ranks higher in search results will ultimately benefit you in the following ways:

● Create a more user-friendly experience for your prospects
● Increase traffic to your site
● Boost leads
● Promote awareness of your company
● Increase sales and elevate your bottom line

SEO Consulting

You can hire an SEO Consultant to be a resource your Marketing Director or an in house team. This can be for ongoing efforts or as needed for special projects or marketing campaigns. Think of this person as a personal concierge for your businesses’ overall SEO plan. It’s a great approach for businesses that already have a marketing person or team in place needing a little extra guidance from time to time. An SEO consultant can be an extra set of eyes for your search engine marketing efforts. An SEO consultant is available to provide training on specific SEO topics and to provide assistance as needed.

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When should I seek professional SEO help?

Are you wondering how more people can find your website when they Google the products and services you offer? And, are you also feeling a little frustrated or overwhelmed and need some SEO help? Don’t know where to start or what to do next?

Don’t worry! BlueFin Digital can assist you. We are available to answer the most basic questions about SEO and to help you decide whether your website needs improvements and SEO strategies based on your specific business goals.

The first thing you should do is Google phrases relating to the products and services you offer. Does your business appear at the top of the results? If not, you probably need SEO help. Considering approximately 75% of people do not click beyond the first page of results, you are missing out on leads and customers. SEO helps you rank higher in these searches ultimately reaching more customers and winning over your competition.

For those of you who are Entrepreneurs, Start-ups or Small businesses, we understand how confusing and foreign SEO may seem. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place where we value relationships, communication and are excited to help make SEO transparent and understandable for you.

If your website is not ranking high in the search engines, if you are not receiving much traffic to your website or if you are getting website traffic but visitors are not becoming full-blown customers, we can help.

SEO Professionals can help in the following areas:

● Making sure you have relevant, useful and original content on your website


● Ensuring you have a fast website that loads quickly and that is responsive and mobile-friendly


● Writing headers and implementing keywords that are user-friendly to people and robots (search engines)


● Structuring your website properly with easy to read fonts, simple page layouts, and a practical navigation bar


● Incorporating headings, lists, multimedia, white space, and a site map


● Conducting outreach to build quality links within your pages which promotes your content and builds credibility so that it gets noticed


● Cleaning up the site’s code and other technical components

Ready to be Connected with an SEO Specialist?

Contact us today so that we can discuss your SEO goals in detail and connect you with an SEO Specialist to help you reach them.