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Ecommerce Website Design in Charlotte, NC

At Blue Fin Digital, we know how to sell online. From building shopper-friendly stores to heavy optimization that makes conversions possible, ecommerce website design is no small task, and there are countless complications involved in setting up a website that will not only compete with the competition but beat them!

There’s no way around it; you need a professional who understands exactly what you want before anything else can happen and how your goals contribute to the business model. With decades of experience combined with industry-leading technology, our team possesses everything needed to transform any idea into a reality for your online store. So, take advantage of this by contacting us today!

Ecommerce Website Design Charlotte NC
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With the digital age, shopping has become much more convenient. Today’s consumers are online shoppers by nature, with over half of them browsing exclusively on a computer or smartphone before making purchases in-store! With this reality comes an increase in competition among retailers and eCommerce websites for your attention.

At Blue Fin Digital we know wcommerce website design – from building shopper friendly stores to heavy optimization that make conversions possible. Whether you’re just starting out as a small business owner or looking at re-platforming and need help improving your existing site, our team is here for all of these needs!

At Blue Fin Digital we have one goal: To meet every client’s goals through innovative Ecommerce Website Design combined with effective execution so they can successfully achieve



While some clients already have a strategic direction, others ask that we help develop it for them. In such cases, our marketing strategists work with you to create customized, actionable plans, including an in-depth strategic concept and a series of documents, such as a creative brief and wire frames.


Once all the planning is in place, our ecommerce web designers go to work creating a seamless and engaging shopping experience regardless of whether it relies on responsive, native or adaptive design approaches. We create a series of custom designs geared to engage your target audience and deliver results.


After you approve the designs, it’s time to build the site. Our team makes sure your site works across all platforms through testing, migration and eventually launching your ecommerce store into the market.


Take your ecommerce website design to the next level with our internet marketing services. From content management, PPC campaigns to email marketing our team of specialists can help develop and implement an ongoing internet marketing strategy for your business.


big commerce
Flexible to use
High SEO Performance
Great for selling on multiple platforms
No options for 1-Click Sales
Varying loading speeds
You'll pay more for high volume stores
Stronger SEO
Vigorous feature options
Available options for 1-Click Sales
Themes can be pricey
Slower speeds
Requires a web development skill set
Best SEO Platform
Available apps for 1-Click Sales
Larger number of service providers
Hosting can become expensive
Troubleshooting can be difficult
Numerous extensions are required
shopify 1
Easy to set up
Highest speed loading time
Available options for 1-Click Sales
Apps can be costly
Weaker SEO
No customizable checkout options
big commerce


Bigcommerce is an online store creator that allows all-size companies to make their own ecommerce site without having to know code or without the help of a web designer.  Here’s the catch … making a sophisticated, functional site to sell your products is one thing, but implementing highly effective SEO to drive more business to it is quite another undertaking.

Bigcommerce SEO is the act of formatting a Bigcommerce site to make it more user-friendly and attractive to search engines, thus increasing visitors and sales.  Bigcommerce is known to be one of the best in terms of SEO already implemented within its platform; however, there are many additional techniques they do not offer that can be performed by an SEO professional to ensure peak communication with the search engines. m



Magento is one of the most popular opensource ecommerce platforms in the world.  Over $155 billion in gross merchandise is channeled through the platform on a yearly basis.  This digital retail powerhouse brings extensive features for a top-notch online marketplace. While Magento is known to be one of the most search engine friendly ecommerce sites available,  an SEO professional who researches digital marketing trends, search engine algorithms and the most up to date technical SEO strategies can go a step further to ensure its peak performance.

Blue Fin Digital SEO experts can develop a Magento ecommerce site for any business.  They incorporate deep SEO knowledge and an array of technical strategies that will deliver a highly profitable online, shopper-friendly experience for your potential customers. w



WooCommerce is an adaptable WordPress based ecommerce company. They began in 2008 as WooThemes and decided to focus solely on ecommerce in 2017 under the name WooCommerce. Today, they work alongside small and medium companies, engaging them and working with them to create precisely the store they need to sell on the web.

WooCommerce is open source, implying you can alter and redo everything without exception. Since we have full oversight, we can include endless items and clients and take endless requests. WooCommerce is based on WordPress, so the rules that drive WordPress likewise power WooCommerce, which is the program we use here at Blue Fin Digital for large quantities of our websites. s

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Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that allows one to create an online store.  It offers a convenient shopping cart solution for selling, shipping, and managing products. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Shopify makes it easier to use and more visible to search engines when potential buyers go shopping for products or services. These types of SEO improvements are unique to Shopify than to other sites.

Shopify does come equipped with its own SEO techniques, such as a blog feature and the ability to redirect; however, these are often known to create duplication problems. An SEO professional with this type of expertise can easily include techniques and more technical strategies to help with this challenge.


We believe our clients deserve the best web design and advertising to achieve optimal results for their business – at an affordable prices. Our team is ready and eager to put our marketing and design talents to work for your small business..

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What you gain from Blue Fin Digital Ecommerce Website Design Services:

When it comes to ecommerce website design, good design stands for more than good looks. A good site design maximizes the customer experience, builds your brand and capitalizes on customer conversion. When designing an ecommerce website, we follow a defined, systematic process. Built upon a strong initial strategy, our work starts only once we have a thorough understanding of your business needs and the best strategy for its success online.