do i need a new website

Do I Need A New Website?

15 Questions To Evaluate Your Website.. In order to see if it is time for a website makeover.

  1. Is your domain name easy to remember and relevant to your business?
  2. Does your website have an SSL certificate?
  3. Does it have the same colors, logo and contact information as the rest or your marketing collateral (i.e. business cards, brochures, advertisements, company vehicles, etc.)?
  4. Does your web site give a professional impression?
  5. Does it look as good as you want it to?
  6. Is it easy to navigate and find the products a perspective customer wants?
  7. How does it look compared to your competitor’s web site?
  8. Ask friends, family, etc. for their opinions and encourage them to be brutally honest. You can also solicit opinions via different social web sites.
  9. Look at the appearance and functionality of websites in other markets that you visit or shop from. Make a note of what you like about them and what traits of them you wish your site had.
  10. How quickly do your pages load? Time several of you pages to see how long it takes for everything on the page to finish loading. Any page should not take more than 2-3 seconds to load.
  11. Is your site functional for your visitors or is it loaded up with “flashy, cool things” that serve no purpose except for distracting your visitors.
  12. Does your site show up well in the search engines?
  13. Do you have site tracking installed on your site?
  14. How many calls, emails, etc. is your site producing for your business?
  15. Is your website a tool that’s working for your business or do you just have a web site?